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How to Choose an Electrical Inspection Company

Electrical Inspection is a crucial requirement for each new electrical installation, both in residential and commercial properties. If you don’t perform an inspection, the risk of electrical shocks, power surges, fires, and other electrical issues is considerably higher. Thus, working with a reputable electrical inspection company is vital.

License and Insurance

If you think that hiring an unlicensed electrical inspection service is harmless, you’re wrong – you might just end up being the next victim of a scam and poor workmanship. Insurance is another crucial requirement. You don’t want to foot the bill for any worker injuries or property damages occurring on-site.

Qualifications and Experience

In order to perfect the required skills in performing electrical inspection, one must undergo years of training and experience. Don’t be afraid to proof of your prospect’s certifications and professional affiliations. These are not guarantees that you will get a good job, but they do tell you that the company is serious about providing quality services.


Many electrical inspection companies only use a flashlight when performing an inspection. This ignorance and total incompetence has caused a lot of people suffering. To prevent this, choose a company that uses modern equipment that automatically detects electrical faults.


Considering that electricity is very dangerous, safety is basic to every inspection. Hire a company that uses the safest equipment and methods, clothing, tools and others that meet safety standards. The workers should be well-trained to handle the equipment and address emergencies properly.


If a company cannot communicate effectively with its client, it cannot possibly be competent in its inspection duties. Good communication means you get regular updates on project’s status. An electrical inspection service should have a polite and action-oriented customer service staff.

Free Written Quote

A good electrical inspection service will be eager to provide a free estimate so as to make it easier for you to set a budget. A quote should come complete with all the important details that affect your project, such as equipment and material costs, labor costs, fees and the like. A written quote or estimate should be your assurance that there will be no extra costs throughout the project.

Reasonable Cost

Not all electrical inspection services are able to give you a quick and excellent job at a reasonable cost. In the same manner, not many will be able to respond to you during an emergency. You have a choice, so do not settle. Spend time researching which companies give you a balance between the two. There’s no need to settle.


Lastly, with a warranty, you can be assured that you will get free replacement or free services in the event of issues arising after the inspection has been completed. In the end, safety is paramount.

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